Neo Savage

In Fall Winter 2021 collection, pushBUTTON fill out label’s own playful styles with variety color pallets which contain its wildness as combined with distinct fabrics and exquisite cuts. The style which is too modern to say it’s traditional but has depth in itself to say it’s modern, pushBUTTON name itself “Neo Savage Look” as it wishes..

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A Conversation About Rituals, Visions, And Faiths

The scope of Pharrell Williams’ career is as all-encompassing as an artist can get. Over the past 20 years, his work has made him a contemporary visionary in music, art, design, and fashion: he is a collaborator with brands like Chanel and adidas, as well as artists such as KAWS, Takashi Murakami, and Nigo, making cameos in films both in front of and behind the camera, as well as on their soundtracks. He has been on the cover of almost every major fashion and lifestyle magazine, including the one you’re holding right now. His own personal style extends over everything he surveils. Now, Williams has launched his own global product company, Humanrace, which began as a three-step, three-minute skincare ritual for wellness that was crafted to be as much from the outside in as it is from the inside out. SSENSE and Williams have partnered on an exhibition space at our flagship store in Montreal, designed to be a physical expression of the brand’s ethos: In order to care for others, you need to care for yourself—through product, routine, and being comfortable in your skin. Pharrell has curated this universe to guide consumers on their journey. For our Fall-Winter 2021 issue, Williams spoke with Recho Omondi, the fashion designer, critic, and host of the podcast “On The Cutting Room Floor” that devoted listeners follow for exactly the mix of insight and candor below. Their discussion revolved around faith, fighting cynicism, perception, perspective, accepting wellness as a practice, and design as an offering. Williams points out that to stay sensitive to the moment is to understand how much of what we believe in is waiting for us in the future. In other words: when all else fails, don’t forget to exfoliate.